Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

As of July 21, 2021, we extend our warm welcome to NowTrade! NowTrade, represented by FUTURE WEB DEV LTD, is herein referred to as 'the Service.' The ensuing Terms of Use are applicable when you engage with or use the Service hosted at nowtrade.co.uk. We kindly request your thorough review of the following terms.

By accessing or using the Service, you indicate your acceptance and adherence to these Terms of Use. Should you find yourself in disagreement with these Terms of Use, we regret to inform you that access to, and use of, the Service is not permissible.

Privacy Policy

Our company places a high value on user privacy. We encourage you to review our comprehensive Privacy Policy, which outlines the methods by which we gather, utilize, and disclose information related to your privacy.

By accessing or using the Service, you confirm your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

Registration and User Conduct

To use our classified service, you must meet the appropriate legal age requirements for the services you intend to use.

Registration involves completing our online form with accurate information, and you're responsible for keeping it up to date. 

Please notify us immediately if you suspect unauthorized use of your account.

You can terminate this agreement by emailing our Customer Support Team.

However, we may have a 14-day grace period before terminating it. 

We reserve the right to block accounts.

User Conduct:

  • Do not harass, abuse, or harm others.
  • Do not use another user's account without permission.
  • Provide accurate information during registration.
  • Do not disrupt the proper functioning of the Service.
  • Do not engage in automated or excessive actions that could strain our servers.
  • Do not attempt to access or manipulate the Service with unauthorized software or techniques.
  • Do not publish or link to malicious content intended to harm other users' devices.

Ad Publishing

Users must register and verify their email.

To post an ad on NowTrade, users must complete the registration process, including email verification. Verification takes place when the email address is confirmed. Once verified, users can proceed to publish an ad on NowTrade. Verification can also occur when NowTrade confirms the entry via email or when NowTrade implements and publishes the entry online.

Account Deletion for Inactive Users

The Service reserves the right to delete the accounts of non-registered users as well as registered users whose account(s) has/have been inactive for the past 6 months.

Purpose of Agreement, Third-Party Rights

FUTURE WEB DEV LTD does not participate in any transactions, contracts, or arrangements that may occur between users and third parties. The execution of such transactions, contracts, or arrangements remains the responsibility of the users and the third party involved.

Usage Limitations

Your use of NowTrade is subject to specific Use Restrictions and Conduct Restrictions. 

You agree not to:

  1. Post any content that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or otherwise offensive.
  2. Use the service for illegal purposes or to promote illegal activities.
  3. Harass, abuse, or harm others or groups.
  4. Access another user's account without authorization.
  5. Provide false or inaccurate information during account registration.
  6. Disrupt the proper functioning of the Service.
  7. Engage in automated activities that may overload our servers or network infrastructure.
  8. Circumvent any measures we have in place to restrict access to the Service.
  9. Use software or technology to extract, crawl, or manipulate data from the Service.
  10. Publish or link to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another user's browser or computer.

User Content Responsibility

When you create your account, you can provide User Content. 

You are solely responsible for any User Content you post, upload, link to, or share via the Service. We act as a conduit for distributing and publishing your User Content online. However, we reserve the right to remove any User Content at our discretion.

Account Responsibility

You are responsible for your account and the activities conducted while signed in or using your account.

  • Do not post malicious, false, or inaccurate information.
  • Do not submit content that infringes upon third-party rights, including copyrights, privacy, publicity, or trade secrets, unless you own these rights or have proper permission.
  • We have the right to evaluate the appropriateness of your User Content, remove your submissions, and terminate your account with or without prior notice.

User Content, Legal Boundaries, and Prohibited Content

  • You are solely responsible for any legal liabilities, losses, or damages resulting from your use of User Content on the Service. We do not assume responsibility for misuse or public display of your User Content. While we may monitor interactions, we cannot review all User Content in advance.

  • We expect all users to act within the boundaries of the law. We strictly prohibit any form of sexual abuse or exploitation. We may cooperate with law enforcement and share information if we suspect evidence relevant to an investigation.

  • We reserve the right to block, delete, or freeze advertisements, accounts, or memberships that contain prohibited content. We may also issue warnings, temporarily or permanently freeze accounts, and terminate agreements or contracts in line with the Prohibited Content Policy, considering the user's legitimate interests. Users cannot request reimbursement for items or services already paid for in cases of policy breaches.

Wallet & Credit

NowTrade features an internal wallet system designed to streamline your experience. You can fund your wallet to facilitate quick payments for various services, such as ad reposts or automatic reposts. Please note that these specific features are exclusively available for wallet payments.

It's important to understand that the funds in your wallet cannot be withdrawn or converted into cash. However, we do offer bonuses for certain wallet top-up amounts, providing you with up to 150 bonus credits as a token of our appreciation for your usage of NowTrade.

This "NowTrade Wallet" section summarizes the key aspects of your wallet usage and the bonuses you can earn. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Payment of Promoted Ads

At NowTrade, we offer the option to promote your ads, elevating them to appear at the top of the listings, above the basic ads. 

Some premium ads packages even benefit from automatic daily reposts during the promoted duration, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the listings above the basic ads.

Payment Methods:

  1. NowTrade Wallet: You can use your NowTrade internal wallet to pay for the promotion of your ads.

  1. Credit Card Payment (Powered by Stripe): For your convenience and security, we offer credit card payments powered by Stripe. Stripe is a trusted payment gateway known for its robust security measures. Your payment information is handled with the utmost care to ensure your privacy and protection.

Non-Refundable Service:

It's important to note that the promotion of ads is a service that you choose to enhance the visibility of your listings. As such, all promotion fees are non-refundable. We encourage users to make promotion choices carefully, keeping in mind the added exposure and benefits that come with promoted ads.

This "Payment of Promoted Ads" section outlines the payment methods available, emphasizes the security of credit card payments powered by Stripe, and clarifies the non-refundable nature of promotion fees. If you have any further questions or require additional details, please feel free to contact us.

Adult Ads Section

NowTrade offers an Adult Ads section where individuals, businesses, or agencies such as Escorts, Massage salons, Escorts agencies, or webcam services can promote their ads. To post in this section, all users and service providers must comply with legal age requirements and relevant regulations, as applicable in their jurisdiction.


We want to emphasize that NowTrade is solely a classified ads website, and we do not endorse, control, or participate in the activities of individuals or entities promoting adult services in this section. Our platform merely provides a space for advertisements to be posted.

Legal Responsibility:

NowTrade, its operators, and affiliates shall not be held responsible or liable for any content, actions, or interactions that occur within the Adult Ads section. All users and service providers are solely responsible for complying with the law and regulations governing their activities and advertisements.

User Discretion:

Users accessing the Adult Ads section are expected to exercise discretion and judgment in their interactions and use of the services promoted therein. We encourage responsible and lawful behavior at all times.

Account Deletion

When an account is deleted on NowTrade, it's essential to note that this action is permanent.

Account data, including user ads, is irrevocably removed and cannot be restored.

Message Retention:

NowTrade retains user messages sent via the NowTrade messenger system with the primary purpose of preventing scams and fraud.

User-Initiated Message Deletion:

However, we empower our users with the ability to request the deletion of all their messages by contacting the NowTrade team. If the user's messages adhere to our policies and do not involve any wrongdoing, we will promptly delete all of their messages.

This revised section emphasizes the permanence of account deletion, the purpose of message retention, and the user-initiated process to delete all messages if they have complied with our policies.

NowTrade Messenger

NowTrade Messenger is a feature that allows users to communicate within our platform. To maintain a safe and secure environment, NowTrade reserves the rights to automatically monitor user messages.

Fraud Prevention:

This monitoring is primarily in place to prevent fraud and illegal activities on our platform. We take this measure seriously to protect the interests of our users and ensure the integrity of our community.

User Accountability:

Users are expected to use NowTrade Messenger responsibly and in accordance with our terms and policies. If any illegal activity is detected through message monitoring, NowTrade reserves the right to take appropriate action, which may include the permanent ban of the user involved.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our community members and will continue to enforce measures that contribute to a secure and enjoyable user experience on NowTrade.

User Account Suspension

NowTrade is committed to providing a secure platform for buying and selling. To maintain this security and uphold our Terms and Conditions, NowTrade reserves the right to ban any user account for the following reasons:

  1. Non-compliance with our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Engagement in illegal activities.
  3. Use of profanity.
  4. Posting illegal pictures in advertisements or any breach of security measures.

We take these measures to ensure the safety and integrity of our platform. Any breach of our Terms and Conditions or security measures may result in a permanent ban from NowTrade.