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Fake airpods - is it worth it?


Jan 09, 2024 01:08

Apple AirPods have been out for a good time now, and they are still hugely popular.

Why? Well because they are not earbuds. They are wireless headphones with no wires to tangle you up when your on the go. So having the ability to make phone calls or listen to music without getting tangled is why they are so popular!

Are Apple AirPods worth the price of £189? Well many people will say "YES" but if you want something cheaper what should you buy? What about fake airpods that look/sound/work exactly like real airpods but cost less then half of what Apple products do?! Is that even possible though!? I am going to tell you right now 100% "YES" they are worth it if your a person who likes apple products and likes saving money!

I will now compare the two products from my own experiences with both. First lets start with Apple AirPods, as of writing this post I have had them for 2 months and use them every week day for at least 4 hours a day. They never fail me, they work great as advertised, call quality is excellent, connection to devices always works perfectly fine even when switching. Not once did I have connection issues or any issues at all other then how much they cost which I do not fault Apple for that its just life haha. All in all yes i do think these are well worth it.

Now for the fake airpods which are £30-50 on Aliexpress vs £189. I have had them both at the same time so I could do comparisons and run through the differences. The first thing I noticed is that they look identical, you can not tell any difference between them whatsoever! They even came in Apple packaging without the logo and warranty cards etc inside. Even when using them there is no noticeable difference, I tried to compare sound quality between both of them and play songs back to back but honestly its like listening to one song on your headphones vs another (that's what it sounded like anyway). So yes these are definitely worth it if your someone who likes apple products and wants something cheaper without sacrificing too much from design/sound quality etc.